Is Running a Storj Node Worth It?

Short Answer: No

Whether something is worth it is a loaded question. Is running a Storj Node worth the compensation for your electricity and hardware costs on its own? Absolutely not. That’s why I am running a Storj Node in tandem with using the computer for mining cryptocurrencies. If you have a spare Raspberry Pi and a few terrabyte hdd/sdd devices gathering dust or a similar situation to mine you may want to consider it to earn an extra buck or five a year. Here is a quick runthrough of my experience of running a Storj Node for a month.

Day 1: Online

Getting this thing off the ground was a doozy but once I figured out how to get the necessary port open on my model of router it was pretty smooth sailing finishing using the setup instructions provided by Storj. Within the first hour data was already passing through my node which was cool in and of itself.

Day 3: Data Picks Up A Penny

Day 20: Profit?

Month Statistics

A whopping 11 cents for a month of keeping my computer on 24/7 and lopping off 500GB of my available data. Storj is a really cool decentralized technology, but if you are exploring this is as an option to get rich or make real passive income I would look elsewhere. Keep in mind this is a baby node with less than a 13 GB of data and over time and with less held back for older nodes this could become something which makes a few dollars a year. Not bad considering I am keeping this computer on 24/7 anyways, but please do not buy hardware to start a Storj node your ROI would be decades away. The nice part about Storj is it is eligible for Gemini Earn so you can earn 1.25% on your Storj if you don’t want to sell it right away.


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