TST Token – The Standard “Fair Launch” Doesn’t Appear Too Fair

The Standard Token TST leaves more questions than answers for this Maker DAO ERC20 copycat.

Can you really call something a fair launch when you have a tenth of the supply sold on the pre-market to angel and institutional investors with a year vesting period? Did I say tenth because actually Vaultoro gets 5% too for their seed investment in TST, a company which proudly proclaims their shill kit.

Then another 25% for the advisors, team, and developers plus 15% for marketing partners. Wait how many of these tokens are going to the public at all? Somewhere between 350-353 million will be available to the general public between the private distribution and public distribution.

I like these guys behind TST they seem like someone I would want to have a beer with, but I wouldn’t trust them more than any car salesman off the street. News flash Bitcoin already solved inflation and if you loan it out to any cefi or defi entity you run the risk of getting scamwicked out of it with a forced liquidation. Don’t sell your Bitcoin, don’t loan your Bitcoin, and take heavy caution and due diligence before investing in a stablecoin protocol before the SEC has made any specific comments on how they plan to regulate the stablecoin or defi market.

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