The Best Performing Silver Asset of 2021 is a Frog Coin

The story of how a small mint of Apu the Frog became the best performing silver asset of 2021.

On one of the world’s most visited imageboards (20 million unique IPs a month) a little known forum called /biz/ gathers to discuss anything related to finance, but mainly cryptocurrency. A small outcrop of users from all over the internet gather in a thread on /biz/ called /pmg/ (Precious Metals General) to discuss silver, gold, platinum, and other rare earth metals. Anonymous posters gathered in May of 2021 to fund an Indiegogo project. The project was fully funded by June and the coins sold at $45 a coin (some premiums on certain serialized numbers).

The design was a meme of the 2021 Britannia from the United Kingdom’s Mint, hence the Union Jack shield and the trident. The character is a frog named Apu Apustaja a creation of 2016 and more importantly a copyright free version of Pepe the Frog (Jerry Mouse not Mickey Mouse).

If you think the original Britannia is prettier, you’re probably right (until you see the back side). There is a certain charm to the Aputannia. Something intangible beyond the silver value. The market clearly agreed as the lowest resale was an astonishing 5x. Below is a catalogue of recent ebay auctions. Could the Aputannia reach $1600 again?

Hard to say whether it is possible, but the fact this coin alone has outperformed so many investments in silver including 70% runs in silver mining stocks should give the market pause and people should take notice. Makes you wonder how much the mint’s second run the WAGMI (We are all gonna make it) is going to go to.

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