Make a Dollar Appear From Nowhere

AI is coming for your job you need to extract value from the aether now!

We are going to actually cover creating a dollar. This is not an esoteric commentary on the Federal Reserve and the money supply nor is it a magic tutorial or something that will get you in trouble with the Secret Service, but I did get a laugh at this illusion.

To unlock this superpower we need to harness the idea of value and where to find and extract value. Free value is available in your brain and together with mine in this parasocial brainstorming session we can create a dollar or several for you out of nowhere. We are running out of time to have this discussion though. The median prediction for when AI takes over the Top 40 is 2030 which sounds crazy to think that is 8 years away from humans not being able to compete in the music industry unless with an “organic” label. This isn’t the only thing AI will disrupt so we have to keep brainstorming quick.

Other businesses require start up capital even a simple website like this costs a minimum of $10 to start. We could leverage someone else’s domain like social media (facebook, instagram, snapchat, tik tok, youtube), Etsy, Redbubble, and Ebay which gets content on the internet with no barrier to entry, but now we circle back to value. How do we create value on someone else’s domain? Sites like Reddit have restrictions on generating a profit on subreddits. You can sell household services like cleaning and mowing lawns on Facebook Marketplace to your local community but that also has startup costs ($20-1000) much like a website. Doing affiliate marketing and sponsorships via a video channel requires a camera so that’s out of the question. I guess the only route to creating value with no startup costs is to create a digital or print on demand product. Assuming we are on a library computer because we have nothing of our own to create this dollar from we can’t use freeware to produce digital art/branding/logos in Gimp and Blender. We can’t resale LUTs (Lookup Tables) to videographers for the same reason. Buying an ISBN is expensive even when you do it in bulk, so if we write an ebook on this computer we are going to need a Publisher to decide whether our culmination of knowledge is worth publishing at all. That seems like a risk, so what’s left selling paint doodles on Etsy and Redbubble/Teespring? Paint doodles generally do not look good unless you go for the pixel art aesthetic.

That’s less than 70,000 results surely we can make enough to reach the $25 cash out before the next eternity. The other option would be to consistently post good information and then maybe in ten years if the risk paid off you can have paid speaking tours and get a good book deal.

We are in a pickle. Creating a dollar with no risk is pretty hard. Maybe the best way to extract value is to have the tools to do so and not create a dollar from nowhere. Whatever is stopping you from extracting value can be run through a cost benefit analysis. I believe you can do this. You don’t need to buy those $30,000 roomba for lawns to become the next landscaping tycoon you just need a lawn mower and some shears in the bed of your truck. Buy the tools you need to extract value now before the AI come and take your job.

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