Nate O’Brien Talks About His Investing Plan for 2022

Nate O’Brien discusses his investment strategy for 2022

Stocks 30%

4-7 Individual Stocks (does not list tickers, just methodology for picking)

Funds 30%

VTI – Vanguard Total Index

VWO – Vanguard Developing World Index

VIG – Vanguard Dividend Index

SCHF – Foreign Developed Countries

Real Estate 10%

Fundrise (Sponsored Mention)

Crypto 13%

BTC (only BTC)

Other Investments 12-17%

Investing into small businesses (which don’t require work)

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  1. Nice hands-off and sturdy portfolio makeup there.
    I will do similar once I’m through my risk-on period.
    All the best with your site!

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