Some Fertilizer and Fertilizer Adjacent Stocks Could Have Momentum in a Bear Market

China and Russia are banning exports on key fertilizer components until June 2022. Does this present an opportunity?

The distinction? Sourcing.

1.) $SDF K+S AG

Sources chemicals from Europe and the Americas.

2.) $NTR Nutrien

Sources chemicals from Australia and the Americas.

3.) $MOS The Mosiac Company

Sources chemicals only from the Americas

4.) $CTVA Corteva Agriscience

US producer of nitrogen stabilizers which help nitrogen stay available in the soil

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Rudy says BUY THE 𝖣̶𝖨̶𝖯̶ DUMP

Don't be a hero and rush into the burning building, but prepare to dca into a multiquarter falling knife. We are in a recession the government hasn't issued the memo out yet. Gas a leading indicator along with the yield curve plus negative GDP for multiple quarters confirms this. Get your ducks in a row and prepare for some pain as you buy.