Grocery Distribution Centers and Fertilizer Plants In Countries Aligned Against Multinational Capital Experiencing Multiple Alarm Fires

A major distributor in Taiwan and a large warehouse for Walmart in the United States have joined the list of casualties such as recently exploding fertilizer plants. The Indiana distribution center, who undoubtedly had multiple fire mitigation systems, needed +200 firefighters to contain and the smoke plume was visible from space.

There were no coincidences in the cold war and there certainly aren’t any now. Arson was a common practice to destabilize your enemies without open conflict which would inevitably devolve into nuclear war. The people orchestrating this planned starvation of the world will be found and held accountable.

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The IHL Group estimated in 2015 up to $984 Billion in lost sales worldwide as procurement issues resulting in out-of-stocks are hitting grocers. This number has snowballed into the trillions as we reach the 2nd year of the pandemic. Now with vaccines widely available the Canadian government has enforced a January 15th hard stop to unvaccinated truckers from entering Canada. The timing is odd since much of Canada's produce comes from the United States border during these early months of the year. The government estimates it is turning away ~26,000 trucks.