I’m Leaving Nashville

I’m leaving Nashville

When I arrived in Nashville in 2017 I did not know what the future held or how long I would call this place home. I’ve come to really enjoy many parts of this city and have some reserved critiques about other parts of it. Not even 5 years later my fiancé and I are packing up ship for a job relocation. Selling the house during this period has shown just how insane this housing market still remains. The hour the house was listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), we had 4 offers above asking; though realistically still lowballs even in today’s rate environment, with many contingencies designed to lower the final price paid. By that Saturday we had offers +8% over asking price from non-investors with no contingencies, which is really a testament to how low inventory really is and which buyer is going to offer a seller the most value. I am by no means a licensed real estate agent, so I was happy we had one of our local hero’s navigate this for us.

You have no idea how long this wall took to complete lol.

I will miss my raised bed garden, although I will be building another one on the new property with total costs and steps so you too can get fresh vegetables and berries for a little bit of time.

StokedWallet HQ will return with a bigger desk and an actual office lol.

Goodbye Nashville you will forever be the birthplace of Stoked Wallet. On an unrelated note if anyone would like to buy TNHomeBattery.com (another experimental side hustle which did not materialize due to credentials needed) send me a line.

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