3 Passive Income Ideas Which Cost Nothing Rated By Workload

Three ideas to have some money roll in while you sit back and relax

Idea 1: Sell 5-100 Crochet Patterns on Etsy

Workload Level: 3/10

Step 1: Download Gimp (it’s freeware made by Linux) or if you have an active Adobe Photoshop subscription use that

Step 2: Create a Pixel Map by going to Filters | Render | Pattern | Grid and setting a size

Step 3: Create a second grid on another layer to highlight at ten stitch blocks to make it easier for the crochet hobbyist

Step 4: On a separate layer create the text of image you want then set opacity to 30-50% and fill in on the tile layer the pattern.

Step 5: Make sure to watermark it or only show the completed product of the digital download so people don’t freeboot your work.

Here is one I helped make for my fiancé for someone’s wedding gift. It turned out really nice like a heirloom level gift and the labor of doing the digital work of square coloring take a few hours per design. A week of two of work and you could have a store full of crochet patterns to download.

Idea 2: Max Out An Idle Computer

Workload 1/10

Step 1: Go to the Nicehash Profitability Calculator

Step 2: If profitable for your electricity kWh then run nicehash with add-ons to use both your GPU and CPU

Step 3: Now that Nicehash is running set up a Storjnode with 80% of the most open hard drives main capacity (i.e. if your 2 terrabyte D: drive has nothing on it give Storj 1.6 TB)

Step 4: Make sure your Storjnode and QUIC is configured correctly with your router. Instuctions here.

Step 5: Download Brave Browser, opt into Brave Rewards, and use it exclusively to check your mining performance and storjnode stats. You’ll occasionally get ads which they reward you with BAT essentially paying you to be bothered a small amount.

Now with your CPU, GPU, and hard drive all working for you all you have to do is make sure it is staying online once a day and watch the crypto money pile in.

Idea 3: Writing an eBook

Workload 4/10

The economy can’t be sustained on eBooks. I feel everyone with an ounce of fame gets that Harper Collins phone call to start writing their story for the world to hear. However this is one of those things which there really is no upkeep it’s just a matter of putting the work in to make something great …or not great but niche like dinosaur .

To be fair it’s free with Kindle Unlimited, but be wary of self publishing on Amazon as although you will get an ebook on the Kindle Marketplace that ISBN won’t walk to other stores including your own estore.

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  1. Grand ideas here! I shall actually try the crochet store soon – that could indeed be a fun side quest.

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