Cash Crash 2022 – The Oil Export Ban Bombshell

Oil at $110 a barrel has brought out talk of the “Oil Export Ban”.

The downstream ramifications of this are insane! Will the mere threat of an export ban strengthen the newly created petroyuan? What if the ban actually goes in effect? Dollar bulls are currently at a crossroads. It might be a good time to get into a safe haven asset or if other traditional assets which produce goods get battered anymore to get into them. The FED can control rate hikes, but the petrodollar is in an even more precarious position than before.

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There are a lot of places to "park" money. I feel some people get so laser focused on single asset class with either a willful ignorance or just ignorance. I hope it is the latter. The best free lunch is picking from all the baskets, I'm paraphrasing some billionaire who wants to eat your lunch so let's just dig into this already.