3 Things You Need to Buy Before June Ends to Save Money

Something counterintuitive is buying something to save money, but if these aren’t in your stable you need to grab them when you can.

1.) Proteins

I wrote an article earlier this year about fertilizer shortages from a multitude of factors. This fertilizer shortage is impacting producers ability to get cheap feed for their animals in addition to spreading diseases which are killing off vast swaths of poultry and high energy costs. Get some proteins you can freeze. These amino acids which are essentially to human life are going to go up in price due to these factors.

2.) Grains

As per item 1 grains will also go up in price and can be stored for years safely if kept dry. Buy at a bare minimum a large (50lb) bag of rice which can be used for years to come. You’ll become a better cook and you’ll be getting it at a cheaper price than later this year or next due to the aforementioned producer supply costs going up.

3.) Fire Extinguishers

If you don’t have a fire extinguisher you need to go grab two right now. Ideally you’ll want an ABC rated extinguisher which will extinguish 99% of home based fires without a plastic nozzle (recalled due to melting/failure to deploy extinguishing agent). This is one of those expenses that could save you thousands or hundreds of thousands in damages from thousands of at risk events in your house. Think of it as the cheapest insurance you’ll ever have to buy. Periodically cycle these out to insure when you need to use it the device will work.

I hope to make this an ongoing series. Sometimes we need to spend money to save money and we should try to time the optimal time to get these things.

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