Three Tickers Tumbling Soon

And here we go…

1.) Kraft Heinz (KHC)

There is buzz Kraft Heinz is going to have a production line shortage. News last week broke that Kraft’s newly reduced lunchable size wasn’t fighting childhood obesity and was about a national cracker shortage. Another collateral casualty of the Ukranian/Russian wheat reduction from the global market. Kraft apparently has enough backstock and drivers to meet current demand , but once word gets out even if the Fed cancels their 100 BPS hike KHC is still going to take another dive.

2.) Citigroup (C)

Groups of call centers at Citigroup are planning to strike. This should only effect the operation in limited ways as banks have largely moved to automated phone tree lines with varying success. JP Morgan and Bank of America were the pioneers of this in the banking industry, but it is likely Citigroup’s tech is not far behind and can whether this strike.

3.) Coca-Cola Bottling (COKE)

There is some activity that a few bottling plants (COKE), not to be confused with Coca-Cola (KO), will be going to general strike while oil (plastic precursor) is at sky high prices. This is all while non-alcoholic sugar beverage sales have been tumbling for years. Coca-Cola recently decided to expand to the alcoholic market with an aluminum can Jack and Coke for a one-two liver punch, but this is not enough to stop the writing on the wall.

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