Will You Take The 5 Hour Challenge? (Easy)

Work for yourself today for 5 hours a week. Or just a measly 20 hours a month, basically a half week at a normal job. If you put in 5 hours a week I can almost guarantee you will start to see some results. This is for people currently working 0 hours a week for themselves. My new job has been dominating all my time routinely taking 60 hours of my time a week leaving me with 108 hours. Sleeping and driving take another 63 hours from me. Cooking and cleaning take another 7 or so hours. I have 38 hours to myself of which I can absolutely devote 5 to Stoked Wallet producing content for my loyal readers. Thank you for visiting again and if you’re new here welcome.

Now go out spend five hours working for yourself, whether that is acquiring customers, polishing/producing your product, working out distribution/logistics, whatever. If you haven’t figured out the best way to work for yourself maybe reflect on that. This could be taking online courses to get a new skill which increases your income, researching new products to sell, or researching the mistakes other business owners have made. For instance if you had a great BBQ sauce recipe and wanted to bottle it in glass jar what would that do to your shipping costs? Can you get reduced shipping costs if you chose another vendor? How will you get your BBQ sauce to list before the 10,000 other sauces on Etsy? Would you design a label for it or go for a more plain old timey look? Do you message big box stores and distributors or small mom and pop kind of chains?

Having focus during these 5 hours a week and really sharpening what you are going for whether that is BBQ sauce or something else you have been working hard for is going to create positive momentum for you which you can leverage later when people are referring your BBQ sauce for winning them their cookout or being the sauce with no high fructose corn syrup or GMO ingredients. When your 5 hours is done you can relax kick back and have a rack of ribs. See you on the next one.

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