Just Be “Jacked, Rich, and Handsome” Sebastian Ghiorghiu Explains His Top 5 Sources of Income

Sebastain Ghiorghiu recently said he makes ~$10,888 ($9-12k) everyday. He made it clear that cold showers and meditation are not the keys to success, but simply to work on your business.

He listed his top 5 sources of income as:

1.) Running a Google Ads agency

2.) YouTube Revenue (ads, sponsorships, and affiliates)

3.) Real Estate

4.) Investing (Stocks, Cryptocurrency Staking)

5.) High Risk Peer to Peer Lending

Full Transcript Below:

So how much money do you make in a day? It’s like 10,000/11,000 per day every single day. Welcome guys to a day in the life of Sebastian Ghiorghiu. We have two meetings, one closing call, and one Internal call about operations. We have some phone calls pertaining to the house that we have to call the contractor and the bank. I have to do some research on cabinet design so that I can finalize like my appliance quilt, because I have to order appliances now because they’re 10 months out. We’re going to have to go to the property and I’m going to have to respond to a bunch of emails, respond to a bunch of people, plan a YouTube video for next month; this big massive contest I’m doing that is going to be very public on YouTube.  That I’m excited to start talking about. Soon finding another web designer, talking my scriptwriter and just doing a bunch of stuff bunch of random little things. So this Is what a millionaire eats everyday It’s going to look a lot better this Is something that I’ve Invented look at that chocolate protein banana cinnamon toast crunch oatmeal. Okay so there’s like five places five major places; so I have a google ads marketing agency we have clients and businesses and It’s a full business a real thing link in the description If you want to check It out. YouTube and all that that entails Including ad revenue sponsorships and affiliates from YouTube. Recently this has been growing a lot because my channel Is growing quite a bit. I also have real estate so when I said I make a day I’m building a property and I know I already got like a full cash offer so I can kind of estimate what I can sell It at and based on how much time I’m spending building it I’m just like working that into how much I make per day because I work on It every single day. So there’s that and then I do other stuff as well just like general Investing like crypto and stuff like that um like so like staking and stuff so that returns money every single day and I do like high-risk lending and stuff like that so that returns money but that stuff Is harder to quantify so that’s why I gave like a range between nine and twelve thousand what’s your thoughts on cold showers meditation you don’t need to do any of that stuff not saying that those are not good things to do because think there are health benefits to showering cold and reading Is obviously good meditating Is good to ground yourself or whatever but people like get obsessed with the Idea that if they do something that that’s going to get them to where they want to be and that’s just not true so It’s like that’s what people look for when they say like what’s the number one thing you do every morning to become a millionaire and that’s like well I don’t know like work on your business like there’s nothing you could really do um there’s no like simple answer to that which people are looking for something simple like meditate If you meditate every day you’ll be a millionaire It’s like oh Icon do that but yeah that’s just not It’s not realistic personally I wouldn’t let that slide no personally I like warm showers I’m just going to take warm showers and then I’m going to be happy and then I’m going to go and work on my business in a good mood there you go that’s the answer shout out to shoplifty because they gave me a new offer which Is a really really Insane offer I got on a call with some of the representatives and they’re saying how they want to be more competitive in the market so they’re doing like a really crazy offer I don’t know what It’s going to be for you but the link to that offers In the description so click on It and see what they offer you I’m this Is every morning I come out here and I sticklike look at my palace you know like this Is like the castle the kingdom and I just take It all in every single morning now we are at the gym It Is what like or something you recently quit nicotine alcohol three months ago I quit everything It’s good I function a lot better I’ve been getting a lot further like a lot more progress in the gym you’re going to know we’re going to put some cinnamon toast crunch in this thing just to give It a little pizzazz for flavor for you know chef’s kiss know I said that I make ten thousand dollars a day or whatever and sometimes It’s more or less which Is true I wanted to clarify It’s not like I’m just making ten thousand profit day after day afterday after day like there’s money that I have to spend to make that kind of money for example, I remember my credit card bill one month was like   which was like a couple months ago and that Included like running and operating YouTube running and operating my agency all my personal expenses and then obviously like I had some big expenses like education and some other stuff as well but that’s not an average month like average months are probably between $20,000 and $40,000. how did you get to this point of making this much better I started out with shoplifty drop shipping so that’s my like background and marketing and stuff so I started Astore and I dropped out of college to do real estate and I made money with a couple of stores and then I made some more money with some other stores and then I got Into YouTube that grew and then I took a break on YouTube and I started a big brand and made some good money with the big brand I came from there but It’s been small Incremental wins to the point now where I finally like I’m doing the real estate which you guys are going to see in a bit and running my agency full force and then also growing my YouTube we’re growing faster than ever now like almost  views a day as I’m filming this so everything Is just growing I saw anything crazy but It’s uh It’s pretty cool I would say so how do you manage people in a company I’m not the best CEO for sure told the Nate that works my company that he’s going to be the CEO of the agency one day what I’m good at Is I have a lot of energy and I have like a lot of creativity so I’m like kind of a hustler like I’m good at growing my wealth I’m good at hopping on trends and seeing things and being creative and not being afraid to like stick my neck out and do crazy stuff and in fact like If I didn’t have my guys we would crash and crumble and be nothing how did you when you first started the google ads agency was It just you running It at first, I ran google apps for my big store that k away I was running google ads killing It learned from YouTube took a course on Tiran my own ads and then I was like these are so profitable and so like easy to set up and so consistent on like Facebook I should run them for other people so I started running them for me friends and they paid me and then I was like this there’s an opportunity here because everybody does Facebook ads nobody does google ads so I started an agency I got my first few clients ran all the ads did all the communication did all the billing did everything and I couldn’t get past like a month and then finally I Broughton one person to help me with google ads and then I brought on a second person shall I had to do was talk about the brand grow the brand Improve the brand Identity and take sales calls and I did that and then the brand just went absolutely crazy skyrocketed I even uh stopped doing the sales calls at one point so now Chris does all the sales calls for me Improbably work like hours a week on the agency right now and my boys and all of their boys under them do everything else did you go about like getting clients at first, I leveraged my personal brand to get my first view and me friends my network and my personal brand and then we started doing emails we started Improving like us google listing to get recognized organically and now we’re doing google ads and Facebook ads and outreach on LinkedIn and we’re starting a digital wealth myotube channel as well where we’re going to post like helpful google ads content oh I’m making a decaf coffee I know I’m going to get so many haters frothiest I don’t want all that caffeine I’m filming a day in the lienor for google until he’s ready to use us at 10k a month that was a my come of my marketing agency so he basically runs the agency I could not function or survive without that man so huge shout out to Nate Schneider I’ll play his Instagram right here you guys can go follow him[Music]as I just finished up that closing call which we closed two brands on It we just got another event scheduled so anytime Ige this notification It’s because someone scheduled a closing call I think we we’re going to close like six clients this week which Is Insane we are headed to Home Depot to get a hard hat and a shovel and then we’re going to my property because I got to dig up some dirt because I’m a hardworking man even outside of the desk despite what many of you guys may believe[Music]the amount of dirt we’re about to dig right now, this Is crazier I am bob the builder you know what I feel like remember that dinosaur from Jurassic park that like uses Its head and just rams into people that’s how I feel[Music]this will be like the driveway regathered then as it curves to the right this will be like where the garages are so, we have three car garage and then the house will basically the center piece of the house living room the kitchen It’s all very open we’ll sit right there where that hill Is so they’re going to come in level all of this out um and then the backyard obviously in the back and the mastering in that corner over there this was filled with all these like trees and stuff so they took those out first and then they started digging these footings but what they’re basically going to do Is pour concrete here as like a little foundation for retaining walls right now It’s a pile of dirt in eight months It’ll be a house It’s just a dream come true man like that’s It’s so Incredible remember when I dropped out of college was like want to get into like real estate Andi want to like design and develop Andi bought that property like almost two years ago, and that’s the week this Is week two so I’m so like in the like wow like this I’m in denial like this Is crazy It’s actually happening because I bought the property and I was just walking through the land showing me friends my family everyone for years now that they ‘rebreaking around It’s like moving quick so, it’s just Incredible to see she got back from the property and It’s like almost five and starving we haven’t had food all day usually what I do Is I’ll buy like some fresh stuff like this and I have like chicken and stuff and I’ll meal prep everything into bags when I’m cutting but today I’m just going to cut all this up and throw It In one bag and cook some spaghetti calories Sebastian master class leave a comment down below what are we doing right now all right so now It’s time to find an open road and get some cinematic shots and like flybys of the rap which will set the tone for this video the day’s over pretty much I’m tired now we’re going to work a little but after that I’m going to call my girya, I’m watching this old video to compare this current video this Is going to go towards the end of the video but I just have a prediction that this one Is going to be so much more so much better and so much more Inspiring so I’m really excited because life’s a lot different and a lot has changed want people to get from this video when they watch It I hope that I provided you guys with a real like a real situation or a real example of what It’s like tube I guess a Youtuber that does the kind of stuff that I do because I know a lot of people that make videos on the Internet or post on social media that Inspire people sometimes make It seem like their life Is a lot crazier than It really Is and so this Is a pretty average day and I don’t want you know to just fill It up with highlights and stuff like you guys followed me throughout the day and it was long and tiring and just a lot of work and a lot of boring stuff, I want to be as real as possible and I want to Inspire as many people without like making It seem like my life Is so crazy like this Is just exactly how It Is and how It goes If I can convince someone that they’re crazy enough to do something at least a couple people after watching this video Theni would say was a huge success so that’s pretty much Tigerstar’s a day in my life thank you so much for watching the video If you enjoyed It make sure you watch mother videos If you’re curious about like all the different ways I make me money I posted videos about everything my story all these different things so go through the rest of my videos watch my most recent videos and you’ll learn and I’ll see you guys all there peace

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