Sebastian Esqueda Explains Why 95% of Dropshippers Fail

Sebastian Esqueda goes through the key ladder points to making a successful dropshipping store or any online store honestly.

How to find a great product

Without a good product you will not find sales. Don’t try to polish garbage and instead search “get yours now” to find viral products. There should be a wow factor to the product. You can sell things with no wow factor, but there isn’t an impulse to buy which is a source of friction in the online buying process.

There needs to be a value at the price offered and what the customer can get from it. There also needs to be a market ready to swoop it up not something saturated. Sebastian gave the example of a portable blender bottle and an automatic hair curler.

How many products do you need to try before finding a winning product?

According to Sebastian Esqueda you need to test 25 products before you even try to adjust your strategy. With 25 products you’ll have a good idea of what is a good product or a bad product and where there was a failure in marketing or website design.

Crucial elements of website design for dropshipping

There needs to be a good amount of reviews and a lack of clutter which guides the user toward the cart and ultimately toward conversion. Keeping trust in mind for design important. Does the product have a good description and pictures? Is there a good brand name and theme? Sebastian also underlined the importance of having a sticky cart (basically a floating buy button as the user scrolls down the page) to increase conversion rate.

Where do you market dropshipped products?

Sebastian is pretty firm on having a good product demo on Tik Tok. It really depends on the type of product in my opinion. If you are going for that wow factor product he has mentioned in this video this is a fantastic strategy, but the more you diverge from the formula the less this necessity for Tik Tok holds up. He has 5-10 videos ready for each product and 5 ad groups with a $20 maximum ad spend in the Tik Tok Ads dashboard (aka $100 a day if you are hitting max ad bids).

Motivation is important for dropshipping

Don’t overthink the process. The best way to win is to get out there and start making sales and worry about failures to overcome later. Thanks for the video Sebastian. It has very important notes for everyone to recognize you as an emerging expert in the field.

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