Know a Second Language? Try This Side Gig

How do I monetize knowing a second language? Stoked Wallet gives you the game plan.

We’ve all heard about the American going to Japan to teach English, but what about the people who are bilingual and proficient in both languages? Many books in foreign languages have yet to be translated to English. Most books written before 1930 are public domain and if you can get your hands on a copy you can translate it to English. You will be the sole owner of the translation, so first mover advantage is very important here.

Source: Wikipedia

Once you settle on a book in a language you know which the world needs, translate it in a word processor, then get either sell it to a publisher or get an ISBN and self publish the book. Make sure to write a good description, since these books might seem lost to time and also publish as an ebook and an audiobook. Without translators like yourself I never would have been able to read the Art of War or The Five Rings.

If you have translated a book feel free to drop a plug for it down in the comments. Don’t know a second language? Well you can still make about $10 when you sign up for Public. Thanks for reading have a nice day.

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