How to Be the Most Successful YouTuber

Mr. Beast explains some secrets to his success
Iced Coffee Hour Youtube Interview

How many sources of income does Mr. Beast have?

1.) Beast Burger (Virtual Restaurant/Ghost Kitchen expanding to physical locations)

2.) Feastibles (High Margin D2C Candy Company / also in Walmart)

3.) Company which dubs channels for other YouTubers

4.) 20 YouTube channels for different languages (MrBeast, MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts, MrBeast en Español, MrBeast en Français, etc.)

5.) Mobile Applications

6.) Selling Merchandise

7.) TikTok Channel

Where does Mr. Beast make most of his money?

Ad Revenue is by far the biggest pie chunk contributing to Mr. Beast’s war chest for new videos. He has also mentioned Beast Burger has done over 100 million in revenue. As someone all too familiar with low margin businesses this revenue number will take a big haircut on the actual profit, but still very impressive for something started with an idea and some recipes for other kitchens to make.

How does Mr. Beast keep track of his schedule?

Mr. Beast has his assistant Steel makes a power list for something called “block-calling”. Instead of having 8 or 9 calls spread out in outlook for 8 am, 10 am, noon, 2 pm, etc. he compresses all his calls into one block and does calls back to back to save time instead of waiting for calls and having in-between times which are too short to do anything meaningful but too long to not be considered insignificant wastes of time. As far as days working, he only works when he wants to. This sounds nicer than it is in reality since he claims to work 10-11 days in a row before taking a day or half day off.

Where does Mr. Beast get ideas?

Mr. Beast believes having a well of inspiration needs to be tended to with a team of teachers who bring him knowledge to draw from to make new and unique videos.

How many edits does Mr. Beast make?

Mr. Beast has 5 to 7 edits of a video before the final is selected for a YouTube upload.

Does Mr. Beast invest in bonds, stocks, or crypto?

A long time ago Mr. Beast invested in Bitcoin, but as he sees it right now reinvesting everything he makes back into the business is what brings the most return for him.

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