Andrei Jikh Talks The Credit Suisse Situation

Andrei Jikh discusses a potentially very serious topic regarding the market. Is the bottom in? Find out more.

If you follow me on twitter you might have seen this post two days ago:

Or this one:

Andrei Jikh has cross-analyzed the situation and has tied the bond and stock market to federal funds rates (obvious), but then gave the gravitas to the Credit Suisse situation. Credit Suisse has been involved in some of the shadiest things in banking (money-laundering, Forex manipulation, tax fraud, and hiding Russian oligarch money), but it still happens to be 2.5 times the assets under management as Lehman Brothers before The Great Recession.

Credit Default Swaps has gone to sky high levels in regards to both Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse. Did I mention Deutsche Bank has 47 trillion in derivatives? Andrei Jikh noted the risk of a market contagion, but reiterated he is still dollar cost averaging into this speculation of a total market meltdown. I also bought stocks today on Public you should check it out and see what I bought!

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