I’ve Ended My Relationship With Storj

This was a long time in the works. What started as an experiment to test the passive income potential of a 2TB computer without “mining” crypto turned into a nearly year long endeavor to keep a decentralized file server online. I moved earlier this year so switching ISPs and getting a new router seemed like it would be a challenge, but within a few days of on and off troubleshooting I was able to get the server’s data back online. Until the power cut out and I learned the importance of static IPs for devices. Sometime last week I decided the power cost and wear and tear on my computer of keeping the node online at all times was not worth the rewards even as an experiment for the good of the site.

I did not come to this decision lightly as deleting someone’s data could be tragic, but knowing this stuff is not stored RAID 0 (no backups/redundancy of data for you non-nerds). I’ve read the receipts and after nearly a year long experiment of running this node it is grossly unprofitable. At $180/year (and rising with the current trajectory of energy costs) to keep my PC online at all times the cost/benefit was just not worth it.

You might be thinking what was the benefit at all?

18.36423026 STORJ

Or expressed in real money at the market price: $7.66

I did gain valuable insight into running a small server which is infinitely more valuable than a CompTIA NET+ certification which is a credential scam. and then getting to do what some Amazon cloud computing server engineer only dreams of doing everyday. Press Shift + Delete on said servers contents, clicking yes, and then walking away.

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