Walmart Seeks to Boost Sales by Joining Shopify and Amazon in Using Influencer Affiliates

Walmart is cutting checks for social media stars who drive sales

Yesterday Walmart announced they are launching Walmart Creator a new platform (currently in beta) for creators to become affiliates for Walmart products. With Amazon riding the affiliate commissioned sales wave for the past decade and Shopify just recently adding an option for stores to easily turn on affiliate marketing, it is no surprise that Walmart sees a market opportunity for influencers/creators to make sales from their catalogue. Livestreaming shopping experiences has become a multimillion dollar industry in China and there is no reason this sole proprietor QVC type content couldn’t blow up stateside in addition to all the other types of influencers who can drive traffic (chefs, techies, personal trainers, etc.).

Tik Tok appears to be the target market

Walmart is currently not putting a cap on commissions for referred sales. All this is coming before the holiday season, strategically the best time to capitalize on sales. Walmart as a company was showing 8.4% revenue growth in Q2, so they are looking strong going into a recessionary Q3/Q4 despite inventory worries earlier in the year. Anyways just wanted to make people aware of the opportunity to make affiliate sales with another huge retailer.

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