One Year of Stoked Wallet

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Stoked Wallet is officially one year old this November and I excited to recap some news and statistics about the site itself. I have gone from 51 unique visitors to 832 unique visitors, from 10 likes to 533 likes, and 89 views to 1,744 views. The number one country the site was viewed in was the United States with over a thousand views. A little under 3,000 ads were served, but this ad revenue was dwarfed by sales on the Stoked Wallet shop which we just opened last month to third party vendors. I have at times found it challenging to think of unique content you guys want to read or sourcing products you might want to buy, but I love the grind because by fully submerging myself in finance in business my mind is in a constant slew of ideas to act upon.

Top 3 Blog Learning Moments

1.) Adding more context to a potential question posed to a search engine is a good boost for organic traffic

2.) Tags are more important than categories

3.) Google Search Console will find issues with the site quick

Top 5 Posts

1.) The Best Performing Silver Asset of 2021 is a Frog Coin

2.) Just Be “Jacked, Rich, and Handsome” Sebastian Ghiorghiu Explains His Top 5 Sources of Income

3.) Using Artificial Intelligence for Passive Income

4.) Coffeezilla Bashes Courses, Millionaire Course “Guru” Says It’s Not That Simple

5.) 3 Passive Income Ideas Which Cost Nothing Rated By Workload

Top 3 Mistakes/Fumbles

1.) Not starting a YouTube channel/podcast with the site earlier

2.) Using incorrect resolutions on images

3.) Trying to start a tab on the homepage called “Yield Hunter” which would give the best crypto yields at different CEFI and DEFI sites with an affiliate link. Project was scuttled when better judgement won out.

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