Candy Vending Machines With a Giant Gumball Machine

Man buys a giant gumball machine and turns it into a profithouse

You ever see a man walk around 20 different businesses wiping quarters with his arm, cleaning, and restocking candy vending machines? It is pretty banal, but at times hilariously (unintentionally?) funny. The draw of the video is a 7ft gumball machine (it can dispense superballs, capsules, and other things too).

At over $4,526.65 (on sale) for a machine with a dollar bill and credit card acceptor which the featured model had $450.25 in one month at a high traffic location, so if this video is to be believed this would be twenty months to break even considering the revenue share with store owner. The website he got it off also sells bulk candy for his machines in excess of 14 pounds, but he was buying 3.9 pound plastic units at Sam’s Club. It was actually a dollar cheaper at Sam’s Club even before shipping costs. Something to consider.

How do you get a location for a candy gumball vending machine?

There was another video on their channel for actually getting a location. Basically they give the store owner 30-50% and explains how the machines are fully insured so it’s a low footprint way to make free money every month for the business owner. I posted the video below in case there was something more of value which I failed to mention.

This is pretty close to passive income since you only need to maintain these about once a month. Not life changing money, but easy to start and scale.

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