I am Cohosting a New Podcast

I am in a new podcast called Bizstrapped. Here’s why Stoked Wallet readers should check it out.

I know. I know. Another podcast just what the world needs lol. Parker and I are going to scour the internet and IRL for people who are working on businesses and side gigs to divulge their secrets and advice for success. We are aiming to be the business optimization and idea generator for anyone stuck in traffic, working out, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn. Just because your hands are busy doesn’t mean your mind needs to dull. Bizstrapped is a play on bootstrapped, because we know most people like us start with very little or nothing and a small homage to our home forum /biz/ (Business and Finance). I started Stoked Wallet with just $300. Do you run a business and want to talk about it? We are always looking for guests. Drop a comment down below or send me an email on the contact page.

I’ve posted our first episode above, but I believe we will be posting more every Tuesday. There is currently not an RSS feed to subscribe to and thus it is not available on iTunes or Spotify yet, however feel free to subscribe on Youtube. This is kind of our “soft launch”. I look forward to having some readers on who have been visiting the site and telling their stories so we can all learn. This is the essence of Stoked Wallet just in another form with twice (or even thrice) the brain power, so I urge you all to check it out.

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