Zoomers Can’t Cut Back On $6 a Day Coffee Purchases Because They Aren’t Making Them

Business Perspectives did an analysis of the Post Covid-19 made to order coffee consumer. They found of the ones who still go to Starbucks, over half are in the 25-40 range and making enough to be in what is considered an upper middle class household. Starbucks does have customers in the 18-24 range, but are a more incidental customer coming in to study/socialize than a habitual everyday user. Addiction is something which ramps up with use and therefore age, but looking at the economic situations of people making coffee purchases we can quickly glean the zoomers making daily coffee purchases don’t need to afford to cut back here even if it would help them in retirement.

What luxury purchases is Gen Z making? About 80% of Gen Z has made a purchase from their social media feed with 97% on some form of social media. Anecdotally I’d say vapes and getting fast food delivered to them. Of the purchases they do make they are the most agreeable to “trading down” according to a BCG survey.

So how does a generation who is value conscious, review savvy, and coffee avoidant supposed to cut down on discretionary spending? I’d say reduce the amount of eating out and food delivery. Anyone who vapes should ditch the e-dild0 immediately. I’m not saying Gen Z has an oral fixation and can’t stop putting things in their mouth, but-

For the rest of you who already cut back on retarded purchases and somehow can’t make ends meet. You need a fucking skill that makes you money. If you are making $12 an hour at 22 you should have enough stress to give you a golfball sized ulcer to get any skill. Shit I saw a guy who powerwashed a freeway overpass with his phone number and “This Was Powerwashed”. Graffiti is gay go learn to powerwash your phone number.

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