Think and Grow Rich: Rudy Edition


Folks. Time for a personal Rudy Talk video. Before I sit down and put my ugly face in front of you, yes I’m filming in a different spot today. This is the uh more higher end area I usually don’t really film here very much. Um it’s usually less pretty uh locked up-ish but here I am coming to sit down and talk to everybody. Hold on oh God I don’t think the lighting’s very good. Does it make my hair look thin? I should be bald in another year. Today we’re talking about a personal life conversation about Rudy’s Life; something that I do get on the side for a lot of people who are interested in longer Chit Chat Rudy videos. I get a lot of Patreon messages and discussions about how I view the world in the past and how I think and approach things kind of the Rudy mechanics of kind of thinking about collectibles, Investments, money you know what determines thinking and everything. This is going to be a conversation revolving around that more of a kind of the approach to buying an odyssey tournament deck brick or the approach to buy that’s a wow that is not sorted and organized at all so today’s conversation is more on um how the pros and cons of kind of my approach to a lot of things in my personal life and yes the it you know the money and the long-term wealth creation in accumulation is obviously a pro because you know money doesn’t make you you know doesn’t make you happy doesn’t buy happiness but money will allow you to choose better pass and maybe many times give you better opportunities and that utility of money can help you really make better choices that can lead to more fulfilling and happier life that’s kind of my Outlook the money in itself is just a raw utility that in you know not good hands it doesn’t do anything it can be wasted it can be you know just making miserable but it does provide opportunity to place you around people and make choices and maybe go places or engage in things that you wouldn’t normally have the option or leave the choice to do so something that I’m guilty of over many years is I spend a lot of time analyzing the past foreign I would argue with you all that that’s not really a benefit that’s not really a good trait to have I would argue with everybody that many times thinking and over analyzing the past like this is not really beneficial in many parts of life let me explain so they say you should always move forward in life and not dwell on spilled milk and dwell on the past or do I should have bought that um I should have bought that box Ice Age for fifty dollars back in the day I should have bought you know that I don’t know I should have bought these boxes of cons of Rudy’s a con I should have bought these you know the age-old thing of Shoulda Woulda Coulda it’s not really what I think about because there’s no way we’ve talked about this in this channel many times there’s no way to time Market bottoms or crashes there’s no way to sell at the perfect Peak and get the most amount of money for a box of cards the key to approaching all of these type of financial instruments is in at least in my perspective is trying to just capture a gain or capture a range so when you when you view it like that you don’t really focus on oh God I bought that XYZ stock I paid a hundred dollars man and it crashed all the way to 80. I bought two soon man I screwed that up but then in three years if it’s back to 200 but you sold it at 150 I sold too soon it went to 200 I was too soon no you the low was 80. the high was 200. okay so the if you were a perfect human meat popsicle cyborg you could have captured 120 in share price in profit per share well you paid a hundred and you sold at 150. so you only captured fifty dollars in a in capital appreciation per share so what you didn’t hit the perfect 200 you didn’t buy at the perfect bottom of the perfect top you know if you understand that principle it’s easier to buy into Collectibles real estate crypto stocks bonds even building your cash and just inventory it’s easier to approach all these classifications I should start mentioning like a lot of people I talk to and patrons are into really fine luxury watches coin and paper currency grading I have a lot of other Pages I’ve been discussing privately with Fine Art you guys may have been noticing some other videos we started seeing some very traditional authentic very old artwork and gold frames in some in videos recently and you know I’ve been expanding some into um Fine Art that’s one to two hundred years old that either comes from a Christie’s or Sotheby’s and has really good Providence and is very well known so when you approach all these Diversified categories and choices you can do you have to first have the right mindset and that is you will never get the best price and you will never sell at the perfect sell point if you can overcome that with yourself that alone is going to help you move forward so next another fallacy is the common mindset right now is even if I work hard in 2023 I won’t get ahead I have a lot of personal Patron conversations and people out there who send me in and yes I do read them all and sometimes it you know I don’t respond in a day sometimes it takes me three four five six days respond when I’m when there’s a big launch of the magic or flesh and blood or Pokemon sale but I get to everybody sometimes a few days late but there is a thing right now because of the wealth divide and the wealth and Gap in the United States I can’t speak for the rest of the world I’m not that educated in the rest of the world I still haven’t had my traveling the world of years I’ll do that when I’m older but I can speak that in the United States we have this continuing split of The Haves and have-nots and obviously the when you have a lot and you’re in that one percent or you have a little bit in your transitioning from the have-not to the half as you make that transition and you’re noticing your income and your job and oh I have a house and I’m paying it off and huh I have extra money each month and wow I’ve been saving it you start to notice you start to transition now when you are on that path you start to kind of learn a lot about yourself when you don’t have much when you’re in the in the have not category your view on Collectibles Investments the term investing assets and just overall your handling of money will be very different than the person who’s already at the top one percent hell the way I handle money now versus when I did in my teenage years and 20s when I was a I was a mega Timmy is very different I almost laugh and I’m almost embarrassed some of the dumb things I did when I was a teenager and I don’t even want to share with you all how stupid I was and I wasted money but dumb thing you know the typical young stupid thing I wanted everything now I was impatient and if I wanted a video game that was fifty dollars I would pay forty dollars for Express one day shipping just stupid stuff just wasting money because I was impatient and I didn’t have a proper mindset my brain wasn’t fully developed you know and so because of this divide of haves and have-nots I feel like we continue to and because of social media Instagrams you know um I don’t know Grinders and twitters and the Silk Road back page and um on MySpace and because of these websites you see people that have 25 Lambos in 15 mansions and then you see oh my God and half the time it’s all fake and rented the other half of the time they’re doing illegal stuff they’re gonna be in jail anyways and then you have the majority of people who are just working normal jobs trying to make it and they have family and friends that are struggling even worse off than them and they’re just like oh my gosh it’s so difficult you know what I’m making and the cost of it you have the normal Have Nots that want to break out to move up and that’s a very normal mindset to have and that leads me to you know there’s a very big thing right now where a lot of online gurus and you know sign up for my get rich quick pay me 500 a month I don’t teach you how to build independent wealth you know in my opinion I still believe the same thing I said seven years ago I started my channel I don’t believe there’s anything on the internet that you can pay a big monthly fee to get super wealthy even my own patrons I mean I get patrons all the time that send me a message which Magic Box you I got an extra thousand bucks a month which you know I know you’re offering all the 89 draft boxes I think this is great thank you which one should I buy Rudy remember folks this video is sponsored by myself and my left nut because I don’t take outside sponsors so you all watching and the patrons you guys are the only thing that keeps this channel going um the reality is you know patrons get surprised because they say which should I buy and I reply with the message they don’t expect which is honestly if you if you don’t have much money I don’t think you should buy from me I appreciate the couple dollars in support but I’d rather you know answer messages and give you basic advice on just making better decisions working harder and not buying cardboard because the reality is most of these new magic products yes they’re still going to appreciate in value in the long run but no the rate of appreciation is going to be significantly lower moving forward now some of these boxes out now are still going to go up in price we don’t know which one we don’t know the degree and which is going to happen we don’t know how long it’s going to take but unless you have the mindset if I’m going to buy this box of Modern Masters or original original Modern Masters I’m gonna buy that and I’m gonna throw in a closet wait five years and I don’t care about I’m just gonna let the money be if you have that kind of mindset chances are in three to five years you’re probably gonna be pretty happy you’ll make some money even if you sell it on eBay and you pay your 12 in in fees and everything you’re still probably gonna come out pretty pretty good especially if you’re able to hold past that three to five year marker but most people can’t most people get excited in the moment and then when they send me even my own supporters they send them as Rudy which one should I buy which one do you think will go up the most and I tell them the same thing if I knew that why would I be buying it all why would I buy every single one if I knew which one was going to go up I would just I would literally funnel everything into that one product but even I don’t know which is why rooted the creepy Rudy Taco dude is always known to just buy all these different things and split across because I don’t know if I mean if you step back and go wow that does make sense if Rudy didn’t know why would he have 10 different boxes why would he do every single one why would he just hand pick one he knows and go all in because I don’t have a clue every time I thought I’d known I mean I thought hold on I thought cons of Tark here would be like 500 to a thousand dollar box it’s like the last box to ever have you know what uh allied fetchlands and this box is what year is this 2014. nine years old and the Box isn’t even two three hundred dollars have I lost money no did it make money yeah was it worth it sure still did fine was it did it underperform in my opinion it kind of did but that you know even I don’t know and that’s the problem and that’s three and then so when we go back to the Haves and Have Nots the other issue is you know because of this many people online try these you know different side hustles and get rich quick programs and sign up for these crazy you know side hustles and different things and they sent me a message Rudy I tried this it didn’t work or I really I started Drop Shipping I tried to flip cars on eBay I did good for a while and then sure enough here it comes you know one buyer holds me open a dispute against me you know didn’t return it return to Brick return to damage swapped out this did a bait and switch and I said well that that is the internet but you cannot use one bad person and people who attack you make fun of you or steal from you you cannot use that as justification to quit or walk away that is the moment that you get pushed and test see how bad you really want to break out from the have not to the hats are you really willing to go the distance because those are the moments you learn a lot about yourself because the natural human reaction when you’re selling online you’re making two dollars five dollars and then one person just nails you for 20 bucks you’re going you just undid everything I’ve made for the last two weeks the natural reaction to that is to be like this is not worth my time I’m out Mark Cuban I’m out for those Reasons I’m out okay that’s a shark tank reference from CNBC I do watch cnbc’s like the only Channel I do watch Monday through Friday and um that is you know it’s I and it was so clichy and it’s cliche cheesy and dumb and everything but you really do need to understand and learn about yourself when things go wrong because that’s really the most pivotal moments of your life that you really really figure things out the easy times and the Easy Money 2021 looking at you you don’t really learn much about anybody everybody wants you to buy an nft everybody’s telling Rudy you need to put all your money in I don’t know kitty cat coin or doggy coin or horse coin pigcoin I don’t know and you know yeah I still believe in crypto I own Bitcoin ethereum mostly because you know patrons Paving in I ship I take it as a form of payment I don’t really go out of my way to buy crypto I just kind of hold what people send me many times you know and sometimes I’m up a lot because I start taking it when things are cheap and sometimes I lost a lot because I was taking payments of crypto at the high and now I’m taking payments at the low and now it’s gonna it’s just it averages I’m probably I’m probably down maybe I don’t know 10 20 or something who knows but it’s not something I really focus on and the thing is you know these things are not going to make you a multi-millionaire billionaire these are all paths where if you work hard and do a lot and you really input a lot of Labor and creativity and detailed thought that you can get more resources to park in these different things and these things will help slowly adjust and move for inflation and go up over time that’s kind of my perspective I don’t think the stock market is designed for regular people to get rich the stock market is designed for rich people to park their money to slowly grow in a long period of time so they don’t have to worry about you know inflation or problems or anything I don’t think a lot of things have the right perspective and that goes back to the beginning of this video a lot of people today are getting to a point we’ve been through 18 months of stock market flat to negative crypto flat to negative collectibles flat to negative and I think even real estate now the last six or nine months has been negative you know nothing’s you know everyone’s like we’re already every time I buy something I’m just down five ten percent the next day and people don’t believe that there is a path no matter how hard they work to go from a crappy situation or a job they hate and are doing just enough work to get not get fired the human mind wants to tell you there is no way for me to bridge that Gap people are in a mindset that they don’t think there’s a path forward there is no way for them to get ahead now most likely they’re always always extreme examples but I’m always focused on the general concept of this there are some people out there that are in a situation that they probably cannot get ahead that is a there’s there is a situations out there that are so insane it’s just an awful situation there are situations where people just get so lucky that they they make the new Magic card invent the new this buy a lottery ticket or they found buried treasure or they bought a painting that turned out to be Van Gogh and then all of a sudden they’re worth hundreds of millions that does happen but in reality most of us are normal people that have a lot of choices every day and we choose what path to take every day is a series of choices most of the time we make the same choices every day because that’s human nature we take the path of the least resistance the most the least anxiety in the most safe outcome that’s what humans do so for most people I get messages all the time they don’t see a path forward anymore inflation’s too high nothing goes up in value what am I supposed to do kind of thing and that’s where I like to counter argument and I like to say things like well you know I understand it’s a different era but in my perspective in the Rudy perspective and I know many of you out there going to say well it’s easy Rudy because you’ve already made millions and it’s you don’t have that same perspective and you know your glasses are tinted now and I respect that and you know there is a truth to that I will not be able to see it as clearly as I used to because I don’t have that that risk that I used to have of losing everything going to zero anymore that is no longer an option because I’m so Diversified but for many years with my teens and 20s I was in pretty rough shape so the reality is the biggest thing you can control is that day-to-day choice and how much you want to work you can’t control anything else I can’t control the mat no matter what people think Rudy’s pump and dump and this and that on Collectibles or stocks or I’m pumping this card or this box or this game no matter what the internet mindset may be on the social media flavor of the week the only thing we can really control is how much work you’re going to do and what you’re going to do with yourself how you’re going to treat your own body how much how many hours of inputting Labor you’re going to put into the machine and how much you know actual utility or money comes out of that machine because when you don’t when you’re not filthy rich or wealthy it’s very simple okay and that is you don’t have the resources but most likely you have a lot of time you need to input as much time as you can to convert it to as much resources as you can to build a foundation a roof over your head and get ahead and build a safer better future for yourself because you’re greedy just like me and of course your loved ones family maybe your children your future generation that is kind of the Outlook of it that’s how I view it you and you know we’ve all been in situations in our life unless you’re a trust fund kid or something which I’m jealous I wish I had that I would have saved me a lot of Heartache but I mean we’ve all been in situations where we have periods of our life we have a lot of time and it’s up to each of us individually to determine how much time we want to exchange for money or resources and then take that money which is a utility and take that utility and build something exchange set for something or put it into something that can either generate more money or adjust upwards in value long term that is the basic principle of economics and finance 101 at least for the Fantastic somewhat Financial degrees and universities I went to in Florida I guess they were good I liked it I thought it was good and um that zooms me back to the the final part of this video and that is one of the downsides of my personal thought process and over analyzing everything and is it it’s my brain uses it against me many times and one of my weaknesses in this world is I over analyze the past and I don’t think it’s a healthy thing to do many times I do that with family jobs careers ex-girlfriends Investments cars houses Collectibles anything I buy and sell everything any category the same concept applies so I consider that many times a net negative because you’re you’re dwelling on the past you’re not moving forward and letting it go Let It Be Right The Beatles and but I like to take that and I like to place myself back and I like to ask myself what did I do wrong and I like to pretend I’m in that situation and I try to clear my mind and put myself back in 2008 2012 2014 2016. I like to place myself back in these situations think about what was going on in the world the stock markets the collectible markets the crypto markets the real estate markets what interest rates were and what the perspective of the talking heads on CNBC the news media and the News cycle was I like to try to replace myself in those situations and I like to try to say okay I’m back in that situation why is it that when I was sitting in that restaurant and these two people were talking about Bitcoin hitting ten dollars a coin why did I make fun of it and just say that’s stupid no one’s ever going to do it and yet now I’m all about I’ve been you know involved with crypto and taking payments and crypto for years now what changed why was I so negative why was I not open-minded and what what did I miss in that moment was it because I just went through 08 and this is 2012 2013 or whatever I don’t know what year it was and at that time point you know they were talking about pricing and I was just so negative from 08 because of the crash so I was not open-minded or was it because you know my family was discussing real estate and we were talking about rental property at the time or maybe it was because that was the time I really started expanding in Magic and I saw bigger opportunities like what made me be negative on bitcoin and positive on real estate and magic in 2012 or 2011 or 2013 Range and I like to recreate them and then I remember in 2015. I sat down I was having dinner with my family actually having tacos we had a really nice Mexican taco Mexican restaurant had grilled steak fajitas and nachos and salsa okay so it was a great night and I remember talking to my parents and family and I remember saying even talking to my significant other Lindsay and I remember at the time this was years ago and I remember saying you know God this YouTube thing is fascinating because when you make videos and they reach out and they’re they’re starting this thing there’s this thing called AdSense work you can get paid for your content and all the videos and time you put into it you can start making a little bit of money and build a nice little book of business and videos and channels so it’s 2015. and at the time the only magic Channel I think I was watching was darium ccg it’s the card shop life and the funny thing about it was the only reason I was watching that is because I had stepped in because my family was getting ready to retire and I had to help step in with the restaurant business and I had to go to work at 2 am and it was brutal I’m not a morning person I work late nights as patrons know I respond late night it was brutal and many times in the mornings when I had to go into the the commercial kitchen it was two in the morning and for me to stay awake and active and kind of you know I really you know prep all this get this Ready Cut 100 heads of lettuce get this ready you know we need uh 400 sub rolls here we need you know get out we need a 400 pounds of turkey or ham or it was just a ton of stuff but I started playing YouTube on my phone my smartphone back then okay again this is early days of smartphone and YouTube so I started playing YouTube and I started playing card shop life in the morning and watching and listening and I feel like I mentally got to be a part of like owning a car being owning and being a part of a card store this was you know a million years ago and actually having an open card store every day and you know actually doing that and expanding at this point again this was 2014 2015 way before YouTube and everything and at this point in time you know I was I wanted to expand doing this stuff and then I got involved with only a card store and having one and opening one and then I wanted to expand it and eventually open the alpha Investments location I did I did the card shop like videos for that one in 2017 and anyways the point is that was the focus of the video though was I was I was listening and watching YouTube videos at two in the morning and the problem was there was very little magic YouTube videos and there was almost zero Financial Magic YouTube I said why is nobody talking about these old magic cards and these old sealed products that always seem to do well and it was like why I can’t find any con and I was upset that I was frustrated because there wasn’t like any decent magic content I mean well there was I was again at the time I was watching the the card shop life I watched Jeremy MTG headquarters before the whole nuclear thing the magic world needs doing the quarter now used to watch him this is early Pack openings I used to watch uh wedge of the manasaurs they do all the spoiler videos and the fun stuff like that and of course Brian tularean Community College and a couple other smaller channels and fun things which I don’t remember what they were this was you know eight nine years ago I used to watch some of these things in the morning but again you know every morning you know everybody didn’t post videos every day usually everybody posted one video every couple days so if I’m working for hours it was only like 10 20 minutes of content for me to watch so and I started getting fascinated with it and this brings me back to the thought process and I think about the 2008 situation I thought about the 2012 situation learning about Bitcoin I thought about the crash in 08 and real estate and stocks and I said okay what have I learned from the past is it is it it feels like it’s more dangerous and riskier in life to not take the chance than it is to take the chance and that was when my mind I was like look I’m young I don’t have you know 69 children and these are the times I feel like the greatest risk of all is not taking risk I was so afraid of losing money because after the 2008 crash I was so anti stocks and investing and everything because I lost so much and I was just like I was so emotionally rejective of everything and I had learned that as these things and cycles and Technology move forward now this hot new thing is the AI the chat gbts AI these technology thing A lot of people are saying we’re on the precipice of another new upwards technological boom I have no idea and you know I’m not smart enough in that field to know but the point of the story is I’ve learned that for me I have to dwell on the past and analyze why I miss certain things not upset that I didn’t make the money on that but why was I not open-minded to at least exploring or researching or taking a chance and that’s what really made me in 2015 decide to move forward in 2016 was starting the YouTube channel because I was like at this point in time kind of 2016 2017 18 19 20 21 22 23. I’ve been on YouTube almost eight years now this is my eighth year on YouTube oh my God and I’ve learned that you have to be open-minded to even things you don’t like you don’t agree with and you don’t understand because many times it is stupid or you don’t and it’s it’s wrong or dumb but there are those times when you don’t know how that item that seems strange to you could evolve into something bigger and it’s important to be exposed and educated about it and that’s kind of the approach I take to things now and that’s why with like The Meta zoo and Flesh and Blood those two new card games from 2019 2020 range I wanted to get involved because I saw opportunity between the people who started it and the the style of the particular game both are very different and soon to be sorcery coming up when I’ll be part of that beta launch now the Kickstarter stuff finally starting to ship once Kickstarter is done you will see more sorcery videos and we have special exclusive Patron stuff and things coming up later this year for the big Source relaunch that we’re going to be doing and it’s just it’s a greater risk on certain things that I believe in to not be a part of it than it was like the very first thing in 2018 before Flesh and Blood came out 2019 when the discussion of all this stuff when I talked with James and the company LSS in New Zealand you know I felt there was something there and I felt there was a greater risk of me not being a part of flesh and blood then the risk of me being a part of it and it fails and everybody just makes fun of me on the internet and oh it Rudy did that he pumped and dumped it you know I can handle that there’s always a scandal and a news thing or Ruby’s guilty of this or that you see another YouTuber they’re guilty of that this time there’s always going to be the news cycle of drama and who’s attacking who but at the same time you have to determine is the risk of not trying or getting involved and taking risk greater than the risk of failing being wrong and being made fun of or losing money and that’s why I and that goes back to finance and Wall Street it’s like stock trading or stock Investing I’m not really a trader I don’t really believe in stock trading but I believe in share accumulation and good companies that’ll be around and just hold them long term and some mostly if they collect dividends or growth or whatever it may be and I am a fan of understanding that you know the key is not being right all the time you’re always going to be wrong we are all human meat popsicles we’re getting towards the end of the video now but the key is to just be right more than you are wrong as long as you can get more things right than wrong you will come out and net ahead and that’s kind of my mindset so when people still bash me oh Rudy you see how much that Monarch dropped Rudy do you see those magic boxes you sold and they’ve gone down Rudy you see the reserve list is down 30 from its high it’s your fault isn’t it you’re always going to have people who just don’t like you who are going to take any little opportunity to say I knew he was scamming or he made this there’s always going to be that no matter what you do and you have to understand being a internet YouTube person that is part of the business and the fact that I try to make money by selling products carrying the magic stuff the magic oh my God magic Pokemon Weiss metazoo flesh and blood soon to be the one piece expansion I’m gonna test it and of course soon to be sorcerer I mean there’s so many products you know I still do force of will but they just don’t release a lot of products it’s really tough to get um that’s part of the the core category and I always find that intriguing because I still get patrons over the years that say things male and female patrons that actually say like you know Rudy you know I want to do a YouTube channel I made a couple of videos and you know the woman would say I’m getting a bunch of creepy messages from dudes and I don’t know if I want to be made fun of and done this the guys will put videos on Rudy everybody just says I’m a bunch of idiots I’m a Timmy I’m doing this I’m a loser this and that same thing I I see this of all time and I say look if you really are serious about doing YouTube or social media you usually have to give a solid 6 to 12 months straight of a truly a hundred percent most people will tell you oh I gave it my best but most people truly don’t give it 100 they like to say that in Pitch that but most people who are going to listen to this video in their life do not give everything a hundred percent you may give us 70 maybe even 80 or 90 but most people out there and everything in life it is very very rare that someone really pushed as hard as they could to the point where they were so tired they were just like I gotta go home and rest I’m exhausted I can barely do it anymore I can barely lift that box of of tacos Rudy that’s pushing it to the Limit 99 of people will not and ever they will not they do not and will never go that level I’m not saying that’s the only way to make it but I’m just saying I think everyone should at least experience that so that’s that’s really where it is and if you want to be a social media YouTube or anything it comes with the it’s par for the course that people are going to send you nasty things they will hate you they will threaten you and they will come up with things that are Beyond Your Wildest imagination on what you’re involved in or what you’re connected with what company you own who you work for they will come up with the craziest things that is the modern day internet and you layer on social media and you just literally have a bunch of tacos and people running around like crazy and that is the modern era I hope you enjoyed today’s speech I think the uh the takeaway is it’s important to learn from mistakes it’s important to not overly Encompass yourself and drama in the negative news cycle because it limits your thought capacity and it helps it blocks out things you should be learning about instead of watching that MIT lecture on how finance and banking systems work from a Harvard Ivy League school for free instead of watching ivy league lecture for free you’re over here watching some news alert of two people angry or someone’s accusing them of doing something wrong because the human brain likes drama the human brain doesn’t want to put work into learning and that’s you know in a long time frame those kind of decisions and those different type of choices make a huge difference hope you learned something today folks my name is Rudy thanks for listening I appreciate the honor and privilege to discuss new Cycles pump and dump your ex hope you learned something as always.

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