3 Credit Cards That Earn 2% Cashback Everywhere

I’m tired of hearing Samuel L. Jackson talk about 1.5% cashback on Capital One Purchases. On that note fuck the screenwriter’s guild for making everyone pronounce his middle initial like this yelling purple lightsaber redguard is hot shit or something. You know who 1.5% cashback excites? Literally nobody. Before we dive into the three cards with 2% cashback I’d like to have a rare moment of benevolence toward the teachings of Dave Ramsey. Credit Card cashback is not the path to wealth especially when that money saved in a traditionally safer investment like a bond or CD will yield 3.75-5%, but since expenses are inevitable part of life we must maximize the mileage on our dollars. I have no affiliate links this is me trying to help you get off the Capital One Plantation.

1.) Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Card

This is my personal 2% cashback card which I have the reward money go to my Roth IRA. This helps me hit my $6,000 contribution limit easier, but not super fast since I have 3% on dining and online purchases, 3-5% on groceries, and 5% on gas. I use this as my “everything else” card to keep it easy.

2.) Citi Double Cash Card (Mastercard)

This card takes a unique approach and gives you 1% on purchases and 1% when paying off the balance. The Discover Card mailers I get like to point out that Citi has cards with expiring points, but it appears to be only on accounts which are closed. As long as the account is open the points for the cashback should not expire.

3.) Ally Unlimited Cash Back Mastercard

I have learned some sketchy stuff about Ally Bank and I personally would not recommend anyone do any banking with Ally, but if you want to take their money and pay your card off every month then this could be a 2% cashback card for you. Maybe you hate Citi Bank but still want a Mastercard. I like options.

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