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Without making an appeal to nihilism which is all too common in millennial circles we need to discuss the stagnancy of everything. I recently read an article about 3 dividend stocks to buy in a rising rate environment. Normally I’d link the article, but let me save you a click. They said Cisco, BlackRock, and ConAgra all with dividend yields of 3-3.6%. Yep those are the dividends that’ll save you in a rising rate environment. The author had a last name that is considered Bantu from Kenya, so there you go.

CDs and Bonds make the stock market look like a bucket shop. Especially dividend stocks which often have very little to offer with excess capital other than paying back investors. If you aren’t growing you’re dead. When Larry Fink sells 7% of his BLK shares while grooming potential successors you could say that he is creating entropy (like Joker carves faces with a smile is an example of entropy), or you could call it like it is and say the captain is disembarking the ship because the approaching hurricane is that bad. All hurricanes pass though and some more sophisticated investors and/or speculators are taking advantage of the current market weakness in stocks, collectibles, crypto. Retail for the most part is not taking advantage of the market weakness.

The sky isn’t falling, well at least not yet. Apparently hedge funds are going hard on AI stocks, and it’s only a matter of time until satellites start falling of the sky at the behest of our EMF wielding machine learning algorithms (demons). If you have a position don’t sell. If you don’t have a position go ahead and DCA like you should have been the past year. Diversify with broad market ETFs and bonds. You’re going to see articles telling you to buy car stocks don’t fall for it. Now is not the time to speculate on individual stocks, cryptocurrency, or cardboard. I am telling you for the most part to do nothing and stay the course.

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