Why I Invested In a Movie

I would describe myself as a movie buff. I own a chest full of Blu-rays to play my favorite kino without the burdens of subscription services and advertisements. I would say this relationship is mostly one sided in that I am a consumer of these movies. The only way to flip this relationship is to become a part of making the movie before I know whether or not it will be kino. This is risk on steroids for a maximum potential of a 20% return, because you can look at the director, actors, and general storyline and still end up with a box office flop turned cult classic like Waterworld. Honestly I’d be floored if I made 20% on a one month investment, but the reality is I will lucky to get my money back. At this point you may be asking why are you doing this Austin? Do you hate money? I thought you were a Stoked Wallet?

American Sniper of 2023?

The answer is simple. Hollywood has been making media that goes against my interests and values and when they decide to make the occasional non-franchise action flick I’d watch they go the cynical route and make sure it’s a politically correct mass market movie (colloquially known as trash). So when I saw Angel Studios was looking for funding to market their film based on a true story about Timothy Ballard who recovered kids caught in the child trafficking crime syndicate out of DHS jurisdiction I knew this movie needed to get out there. I invested $500, which means my maximum potential gain is $100. My maximum potential loss is $500.

I don’t get the vibe this movie will bomb though. Top Gun Maverick went on to make a crisp 1.4 billion for being unwoke military kino. I think a gritty but heartfelt action movie where the good guys with guns win is a potential contender for a box office surprise. Even niche horror flicks will do a couple million. This movie is estimated to be available in 3,850 theaters for at least the July 4th holiday and surrounding days. A film with comparable hype from the left “Chevalier” released in 1,275 theaters and made ~$3.5 million in the box office. So to pay off the theaters cut and turn a profit this will be a huge challenge, but it’s a risk I am willing to take for entertainment and expanding my investing horizons. If you’d like to join me on this crazy journey I signed up here https://invest.angel.com/freedom.

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