BRICS is Suspected To Attack The Dollar August 22-24

We have been living not so peacefully under US dollar hegemony since 1921. Being the “World Reserve” currency has it’s benefits no doubt, benefits which require that sometimes people need to die who challenge this status. Muammar Gaddafi pushing for the Pan-African gold standard is rumored to be the reason for his displacement by knife to the ass via angry mob, despite having a popularity rating triple that of the US Congress. One failed attempt of this was Operation Gideon in Venezuela in 2020. The Petrodollar, the de facto scoreboard for the CIA, has more failures piling up than successes as of late, with the Saudi Crown Prince snubbing the US on more than one occasion and increasing oil trading pairs in Yuan. Sensing this weakness a foe is appearing to come forward. I used to laugh at BRICS as a meme, but we are getting to the part of the Gandhi quote where we have to fight them and win.

Russian Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov stated “we are already looking at this”, “this” being replacing the US dollar with Ruble or Yuan. A Russian official in their version of Congress dubbed the State Duma openly stated Russia is working on a cross-border trade currency for BRICS nations. The timing of the statement is no surprise as Russia is weaker than ever, because it somehow got suckered into another conflict where only pyrrhic victory is possible.

Western Powers when they decide they need to bankrupt Russia again

Russia may be weak, but make no mistake BRICS is not. Brazil’s president, Luiz Inàcio Lula da Silva (or Lula as the Brazilians call him), snubbed by the Biden Whitehouse for I’m sure a then private foreign policy reason, turned to visit China later in the year to exclaim “Why [do] all countries have to base their trade on the dollar?” Well Lula you decrepit barrio shoe shiner, because just because okay! There is more than one way to skin a cat, but if regime change isn’t on the table in Brazil I’d be genuinely surprised. How do you say “Dead Man Walking” in Mandarin?


This is all rumors and hearsay there is no smoking gun until I get a whiff of this French cigarette (half the power of Marlboro, but double the snobbery), Macron leader of the surrender monkeys and oldest allies of America wants an invitation to attend the next BRICS summit in August. Look I get that we blew up Nordstream 2 and set European energy, agriculture, central banking, etc. on a collision course with failure, therefore I don’t foresee this move by Macron as a keep your enemies closer but more of a groveling “Please accept me into the new world order”. If China is the kingpin of BRICS then Black Rock is the locking jaw. We can end BRICS before it even begins, but we need some cooperation from the tiny hat gang. Chances are good (over 100% it actually broke the data modeler) they will stab us in the back again. Some of you are okay, don’t fuck around with the bond market.

Ancient Chinese Curse: May you live in interesting times.

Stoked Wallet Proverb: Heil Hitler

Remember that time bread cost 500,000 marks and one guy stood up to stop the madness
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