Rudy Turns Bullish On Long Term Sealed Product for Pokémon

Transcript: Folks welcome back here. Today we’re not gonna be talking about Magic and everything. We’re not gonna you’re not gonna show uh Rudy or you know any special stuff no Flesh and Blood, no Metazoo, no Weiss, no One Piece, no Sorcery. Today is Pokémon.
Today I’ve been on the fence. I’m kind of curious. I want to kind of see what the comment section says, but so I’m on the process right now behind the scenes of considering making a very large move in accumulating a very substantial amount of pallets of Pokemon booster boxes
um from well Scarlet Violet Bay sets and of course the uh leftovers and things from Lost Origins, Silver Tempest, and one uh store slash kind of investor. Well I guess he doesn’t have a store at all. I guess he’s just an online Pokemon seller. I think he only sells Pokemon so he’s one of those he has like um an online Pokemon store and he wants to unload all of his sealed Pokemon boxes from Sword and Shield to me at a discount so you may be seeing a video coming up
pretty soon the next few weeks of Rudy having the largest heavy bags ever of new Pokemon. Last time I engaged in something like this was about a year and a half ago with Chilling Reign and I encourage you to hit Alpha Investments Chilling Reign on YouTube and go back and look at those videos it’s quite humorous.

Rudy on Chilling Reign May 2022

See people making fun of Rudy going “oh my God this guy’s so dumb and doesn’t know what he’s doing he’s putting all his money in the 3,000 boxes of Chilling Reign look at this guy oh Mike he’s buying in like $72 a box Chilling Reign and it’s overprinted. It’s never gonna go up.
It leaves him in Battle Styles. It’s very humorous you should you should always learn from the uh the drama and the emotions in the comment sections and the trolls online because historically you can derive a lot of kind of vibe of the markets and also kind of what kind of good versus bad decisions you should make because historically the average person’s wrong so if you see a bunch of Hyperbole and anger online and everybody’s saying don’t touch it historically if you kind of jump in you can probably kind of clean out the market because no one else wants to do it so today I want to talk to you guys first about Scarlet Violet so we have Obsidian Flames is it Obsidian or City let’s just call it Obsidian Flames uh coming out here in the next probably a couple weeks and of course the profits and these stores are already getting very nervous about it I think it’s like $115 to $120 plus tax on TCGplayer and eBay so let’s just call it $120. So $120
including tax maybe it’s $125 let’s just say $120 including shipping and tax. You know if a store sells a box of Obsidian Flames for $115 on TCGplayer the customer pays $125. The store who sells for $115 is probably going to net to about $98 minus shipping I don’t know maybe they net $94.95 a box so for most stores and most distributors you know actually the two most expensive distributors charge $100 a box for Pokemon so in those situations the store is already losing five percent of their money not including the work, the shipping, the time, the printing the boxes, and the repackaging, and the labor, and payroll so the new Pokemon sets not even out yet and once again the third Scarlet Violet set appears to already be the third in a row that’s going to be sold at a loss and not do good The Glory Days of Pokemon are over everyone’s negative blah blah blah and you know I’d like to remind everybody that you know this is normal.
I know we’ve done this before and I can just reupload I should just re-upload the same videos every other year uh but this is normal okay Pokemon sets are supposed to come out in average pro if a store pays a hundred dollars unless they’re $99 or whatever $96 in bulk or $94 because they’re buying pallets they’re getting five bucks off whatever if a store is paying whatever the price is okay on TCG player the store is usually only able to sell a product at release and maybe make five dollars a box that is normal again. The Hangover of the 2020-2021 government free printing all the free PPP loans that were taken seriously go to a government website go to those PPP loans type in your favorite I don’t know Card Castle website and you know look how much how many millions these people got for free and they injected into the card world so you know the Easy Money days are over that that’s not a thing anymore okay we’re back to normal and this is normal Pokemon okay now I stand by and you’ll look at the comments below I stand by
the Sword and Shield era of Pokemon is going to go down in history as one of the top Pokemon blocks ever not saying to me number one although many of you probably think it could be which there’s a chance in my opinion the Sword and Shield era of Pokemon was beautiful it was beautifully engineered it was amazing it was received incredibly positive across the board the worst set of like the Sword and Shield era is what Battle Styles? what Fusion Strike? Astral Radiance? Are any of those even considered bad anymore? I think they’re all up already and they’re only like a year old again. That block is going to go down in history as one of the top Pokemon blocks in history you can’t find anyone out there that’s like not an operating nah
Sun and Moon was way better than Sword and Shield no no no one’s saying that okay and that’s why it’s gonna be very difficult for Scarlet Violet to beat that Sun and that Sword and Shield era because it was just really good then the icing on the cake was it was in an era of
free money, free tendies, and 10x into the moon and so it it’s you can’t duplicate that. So the point of this video is again we’re about to hit the third release Obsidian Flames here in the next 14 days depending when you watch this video once again you’re going to see a lot of negativity you’ll see stores dump their product you’re going to see people saying oh there’s no money in Pokemon […] You’re gonna see it you see the race to the bottom everyone’s gonna try to undercut everybody who can sell the biggest loss because that’s that’s how short term and short-sighted people operate in a modern society we have all been rewired by social media overlords to swipe swipe swipe oh look a dancing hot chick don’t swipe wait wait okay now we can swipe oh is she doing the hula hoop oh wait is she is she in a hot tub on Twitch well you know we’ve all been wired by this social media instant gratification era everything has to be quick oh wait we got product on the books it’s toxic sell it quickly. It’s been a week Rudy I’ve been sitting on this Pokemon box for six days I haven’t doubled my money. Shit’s going to zero like that’s like it doesn’t work that way man you know and it’s a bittersweet thing because is I just want to end this video here which means we’re at the halfway point. I want you all to understand this Scarlet Violet block the pull rates are easier the prices are higher from wholesale. Pokemon raises the prices and the print runs seem to be about the same I don’t seem to be that much bigger or smaller they’re printing a lot of it but nobody’s confident about the Scarlet Violet era okay. Nobody’s confident right now. People think Scarlet Violet bass set is terrible – it’s garbage. Mr. P. evolved Paldio Paldia Mr P. garbage Obsidian Flames you don’t think it’s gonna burn as your wallet like that’s how people feel right now and let me tell you something that makes me really bullish and probably if I decide to go through with him in the next couple weeks you’re probably gonna see a video of me with an insane thousands of thousands of sealed boxes of all this stuff because literally if they give me a discount and we can strike a deal on this with some distributors I’m going to clean it out, because I’ve done this long enough to know if they’re going to give me a deal and drop the price of a Pokemon Box by a couple dollars or anything I mean it’s Chilling Reign 2.0 folks I did this a year and a half ago I got
Chilling Reign because this is pre-price increases so instead of paying $80 for Chilling Reign they knocked the price to like $72 for me if I was willing to take it all and again this was lower price and remember at the time at nobody’s willing to buy Chilling Reign. I haven’t ran a sale of the patrons twice. I think I was doing actually $89.99 I think I sold a couple cases I think 96
of the product didn’t sell I said okay you know I’ve been to the song and dance and you know it feels the same whenever people look on TCG player and they go how much is it ah no opportunity can’t flip it and when everyone’s this negative that tells me again in 12 to 24 months from now who’s going to be sitting on sealed Pokemon of Scarlet Violet base or Mr P no one wants Mr P anymore are we or – Is that a giggity? That’s all I got have a great day yeah I
will give it giggity hell it’s giggity time.

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