Tik Tok Takes On WhatNot and Ebay For CCG Market

Lawmakers have gone on and on about how Tik Tok is poisoning the minds of children and a huge cybersecurity risk for United States. I would say ALL social media poisons the minds of children. In China Tik Tok shows kids there videos of academic achievement, mathlete competitions, and superior athleticism, so yea Bytedance isn’t some angel it’s definitely an operative of the Chinese government.

Here’s why you should download Tik Tok anyway if you invest in cardboard like a child. Tik Tok is having a mad dash to eat the lunch of eBay and Whatnot. For starters Tik Tok Shop sales commission is 2%. For comparison, eBay charges 15% in the CCG category and Whatnot is not much better at ~11%. Now on top of that Tik Tok has been advertising at game conventions for this particular category of buyer (i.e. Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Yugioh) and is offering new users 50% off up to a max discount of $20, 30% off up to a max discount of $30, and other weekly coupons to use on most Tik Tok Shop stores. All these factors combined have created a situation where ETBs and booster boxes are selling for half their eBay price. When word gets out it will be a feeding frenzy on Tik Tok and sales will dry up on eBay.

All I can say to China is xiè xiè. FUCK eBay. Download Tik Tok, sell on Tik Tok, buy on Tik Tok.

“We hear you. We are focused on your success.”


Costco keeps selling out gold and bitcoin so invest in cardboard at your own risk.

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