Do You Have That One Friend Who Won’t Shut Up About Politics?

Good news this friend can be monetized via speculative gambling depending on how much of a crystal ball they provide for the future. You thought sports betting was bad just wait til you see people betting on how long government shutdowns will last, how much inflation will rise this month (the market is predicting 0.1%), whether Tik Tok will be banned this year, whether ~1.7% of borrowers will default on their mortgages, or how fuck ugly the weather will be this year.

I found the AAA California average gas price bet pretty funny.

70% Chance Gas Will Exceed $6 a gallon on average in California

With some news outlets saying oil could go to $150 a barrel it could happen, but I try not to gamble even as a side hustle $100 a month kind of entertainment.

A current event which caught my eye

The “leveraged finance” wave surely has nothing to do with this. I’m going to bed. This goose is cooked might as well gamble.

Man loses $12,500 comes back tomorrow anyways

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