Can You Hunt For Ancient Artifacts as a Side Gig?

I recently was trawling through Youtube for some entertainment and the algorithm served me a video of a man on the Ohio River shoveling the sand of an Indian settlement that existed ~600 AD. I am not sure on the legality or ethics of this kind of treasure hunting and obviously check local regulations and with the land owner to make sure you are not trespassing. I think most archaeologists say Indiana Jones is kind of an asshole, but we can all agree taking treasure is cool as fuck. We all can’t find buried pirate gold, but we can take a shovel and a homemade sifter out for a weekend dig.

So say you do find an arrowhead what is the value? It depends heavily on condition, the mineral it is made out of, the expected age, and the type of carving it is. For instance here are some recently sold Jacks Reef Arrowheads on Ebay.

A useful tool in determining value is The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide which sells for $30 on Ebay and $35 on Barnes and Noble.

Sure you could find an arrowhead which is worth a couple grand but more than likely after shipping, fees, and taxes this is more of a hobby you’ll make less than $10-15 an hour doing.

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