Get Paid to Break Things on Friday Nights

Hackathons and Game Jams have been around for a while, but the opportunity to build and break the future simultaneously has never been more at grasp with the increasing advancement of technology. The key terms being build and break as anyone can build something to be submitted to the pool of things which may be chosen to get broken on a particular Friday. Breaking said project with “DDoS, botnets prompt injection, auth spoofing, metasploit, social engineering, aircrack, whatever” is all fair game at Friday Night Firefight.

He sells himself short as he has been on the team which put this on:

If you know cybersecurity or coding this could be a great way to both hone your skills and it already has a $200 prize pool even though it just started. As more companies and teams onboard to test their projects out against the Friday Night Firefight teams (which could be you!) I have no doubt this pool will only grow and grow. Mark your calendars cause I’m sure next Friday there will be some stuff to break, networking to be had, and money to win.

Join the link in the picture below to network with some of the leading people in AI and get started making some extra cash winning hackathons also sign up here.

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